Barbera Bear At-Home Workout Tips

Barbera Bear At-Home Workout Tips

Barbera Bear At-Home Workout Tips
The Barbera Bear knows that times are tough, and wants to lend a paw to the Philadelphia community and surrounding areas. While most of us are stuck inside, staying active during this time is extremely important for our health and wellbeing. Working out can make your mind and body feel good, even when you’re feeling cooped up. So, dust off your sneaks and grab a water bottle because the Barbera Bear is saying, “No gym? No problem!” and sharing these simple workouts that anyone can do at home during our time spent social distancing.

Beary Easy Upper and Lower Body Exercises
He’s here, he’s there, he’s everywhere! In order to keep active during quarantine, the Barbera Bear likes to engage in some simple upper body exercises to help him wave, cheer and shout during events, cleanups, parades and more! To keep his fuzzy physique, the Barbera Bear enjoys push-ups and planks to work his shoulders, core and back muscles while building stronger bones. Squats, lunges and jumping jacks at home all help the Barbera Bear build up strength in his glutes, quads and hamstrings so he can continue enjoying all the fun on foot.

Go Bearfoot With These Outside Activities
The Barbera Bear says, “Namaste!” To enjoy exercising while having some fun, the Barbera Bear hits his yoga mat outside and practices a simple flow under the sun. Not only will you be getting in a great workout, you can soak up some sun and give your brain an energy boost from being outdoors. The Barbera Bear also likes to jump rope, go for a walk, or whip out his weights and enjoy the fresh air.

Unbearably Easy Online Workout Videos
Head to the internet and it’s awash with #HomeWorkouts. The Barbera Bear likes to participate in some simple stretches as well as bear burning HIIT workouts. Download some workout apps and join in on live classes from the comfort of your den. The Barbera Bear will hit his at-home exercise bike and join a virtual race or spin class—the paws-ibilities are endless!

Paws and Take Some Deep Breaths
Life can get a little stressful during these times of uncertainty and the Barbera Bear knows it’s always important to pause and take some time for yourself. When the Barbera Bear is feeling stressed, he finds the time to watch a movie, take some deep breaths, listen to his favorite music (Fly, Eagles, Fly!) or dance around.

For over three decades, the Barbera Bear has been providing inspiration, fun and support in the Philadelphia and surrounding communities. Whether it’s a ball game, parade, or a day at the shore, you can guarantee the Barbera Bear will be there showing his support. The Barbera Bear wants everyone to stay happy and healthy during this unprecedented time and can’t wait to see all his friends beary soon at a Philadelphia event. Is the Barbera Cares Bear the Best? Boy I guess!